I'm Ben Dooks, a computer programmer living and working in Manchester, UK. I write software, produce bad HTML and ocassionally experiment with the weird and wonderful possibilities that cooking food has to offer

You can view some contact information, my card, or simply email me (ben @ fluff . org). I don't take kindly to SPAM/UCE or continous job offers... Both will earn you disdain and my wrath upon your ISP. Whilst I try and read and process everything I get in a timely fashion, you may well end up at the general heap that is my current mailbox.

I can mostly be found on various IRC channels under either the name bjdooks or fluffy (or variations thereof) and also have a facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/bjdooks and various dating sites such as okcupid.

I can sometimes be found on MSN messenger with the ID bjdooks @ hotmail.com as well as googletalk on bjdooks @ googlemail.com


Writing a homepage seemed like a good idea at the time. and has been gradually updated from the original (and rather bad) first effort, which was not much more than a bunch of links to things I liked


There are many things on this site, and the related links to things that I have been involved in. I will eventually get around to putting this information up.



See here for more information on my Linux activities