As part of my job, as well as my own projects, I contribute to a number of bits of Linux, including the ARM port. I do a lot of work with the Samsung S3C2410 and S3C2440 ports, including the core and a number of drivers.


My work for Simtec Electronics includes supporting Linux kernels on all the product range, and for customer projects.

Personal projects

As well as spending time with linux as part of my work, I also play with a number of bits during my spare time. This includes general ARM tidying, and a number of specific machines.

IPAQ H1940

The h1940 project page details the port that myself and others have done.

IPAQ rx3715

This was started to get some experience with the s3c2440, as well as an IPAQ with wireles-lan and a more stylish case. The project has been started, and is documented here on the handhelds.org website.

Linux contributions

My contributions to Linux 2.6 are documented via the kernel bitkeeper. A large number of my patches go via Russell King's patch tracking system and can be found via the user search. The RMK patch tracker also shows a number of the 2.4 patches submitted.