Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web, that horrible botch that too many people think of as being 'cyberspace' and the entire Internet. For the (few) enlightened amongst you, congratulations, now let us mourn the passing of the web when browse-by- telnet was a sensible option. I blame MS FrontPage and their ilk; beforehand people used to write HTML by hand, as the gods intended, now, people use abortions of programs like that which generate illegible HTML and make parsing it with anything other than a web browser very hard.

This page would be Lynx enhanced, only it's rather difficult to enhance a web page which contains no graphics for a text-only browser.

For best results, this page should be viewed using a text editor. If this isn't in your favourite colours and you're viewing it in a browser, I suggest you change your browser's defaults.

If you're interested in my NFS server, I'm afraid that's only available by FTP; I don't believe in HTTP as a distribution medium. OK, technically this is untrue and you can get it via HTTP, but I'm not going to tell you how...

This page was produced initially using cat, then subsequently edited using pico 'cos I dislike vi, don't get on with emacs, dd isn't the world's best editor, and I couldn't be bothered to FTP it back here and use Zap. People won't like this; tough :-)

Subsequently <cough> enhanced in Zap. There you go.

Dickon Hood dickon-web@fluff.org